Peter Bone's partner picked as candidate by Conservatives for his old seat

Helen Harrison, the former Conservative MP Peter Bone's companion, has been elected as the Conservative candidate in the Wellingborough by-election.

The by-election was instigated subsequent to the suspension of Mr. Bone from the House of Commons on account of allegations of abuse and sexual misconduct. Additionally suspended from the Conservative Party, Mr. Bone, has denied the allegations.

In 2005, he was elected Member of Parliament for Wellingborough by a narrow majority of 687 votes.

Subsequent to that, the Conservatives have secured a secure majority of 18,000 in the Northamptonshire constituency during the 2019 general election.

The by-election in Wellingborough will mark the eleventh challenge that Rishi Sunak has encountered since assuming the position of prime minister in October 2022.

The Conservatives will be vying for the seat after losing previously secure constituencies such as Selby, Ainsty, and Tamworth to Labour, which managed to reverse majorities of over 20,000, last year.

As the candidate for Wellingborough, Ms. Harrison expressed her happiness by saying, "I am happy to have been selected." Due to the fact that I have already satisfied the needs of the residents of Wellingborough on the level of the local government, I am the candidate who is most prepared to fulfil those needs.

A "full gathering of Conservative members" took place on Sunday afternoon, and the chairman of the Conservative Party, Richard Holden, expressed his congratulations to Ms. Harrison on social media site X. Holden stated that she had been chosen there.

In her capacity as a councillor for North Northamptonshire, Ms. Harrison serves as the representative for the Oundle ward and is a member of the Health and Wellbeing Board.

In the past, she sought to topple Dennis Skinner, a veteran of the Labour Party, when she campaigned for election to Parliament in the Derbyshire constituency of Bolsover in 2017.

"Rishi Sunak succumbing to Peter Bone's demand to select his partner so that he doesn't run as an independent demonstrates exactly how weak the prime minister is," said Jonathan Ashworth, a shadow minister for the Labour Party, in response to her selection.

What the people of Wellingborough deserve is not a candidate who is the result of a fast political fix, but rather the best possible candidate who can represent them.

In a report published by the MPs behaviour watchdog, it was determined that Mr. Bone had violated sexual misconduct regulations by indecently exposing himself to a staff member during an oversight excursion. As a result, he was suspended from Parliament for a period of six weeks.

Five allegations of intimidation, including the physical assault of a staff member, were also upheld.

In response to Mr. Bone's suspension from the House of Commons for over ten days, the constituency of Wellingborough initiated a recall petition.

With the signatures of 13.2% of eligible electors, the petition surpassed the 10% threshold that was necessary for Mr. Bone to be removed from office and a by-election to be called.

Mr. Bone described the procedure as "bizarre" and the accusations as "completely false." It is unlikely that the by-election will take place prior to February.

Ben Habib for Reform UK, Ana Savage Gunn for the Liberal Democrats, Will Morris for the Green Party, and Gen Kitchen for Labour are the other candidates vying for the election.