Amber Heard offers $1 million to settle Defamation case against Johnny Depp

The Hollywood actress, Amber Heard who lost the defamation lawsuit against another Hollywood actor, Johnny Depp, has offered to pay $1 million to settle the case. The news was conveyed by Johnny Depp’s lawyers to the public. Amber Heard came into the limelight after her article published in the Sun Magazine, where she called herself a victim of domestic abuse. Back then, Amber Heard had divorced Johnny Depp, ending their two years old marriage. Because of this article and the blame of being an abusive person, Johnny lost many Hollywood opportunities such as the Fantastic Beasts and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises. Because of such financial losses due to Amber calling Johnny abusive, Johnny Depp filed a defamation case against Amber Heard, which he won.

The Defamation lawsuit between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp was one of the most talked about things in 2022. This is mainly because the tables had completely turned against Amber Heard because of the case being streamed online for the global public to see. This clause was requested by Johnny Depp’s side to clear Johnny’s public image which was defamed by the false accusations from Amber Heard. On the one side, this clause helped Johnny Depp, but on the other side, completely exposed Amber as being manipulative and a liar. Depp’s lawyers presented all the evidence and proof which cleared Johnny Depp of all the accusations and claims made by Amber which suggested that Johnny was an abusive husband. During this Defamation trial, the court juries sided with Johnny Depp and awarded him a clean chit. In June 2022, the court ordered Amber to pay $15 million for defaming Johnny’s public image and causing him financial losses. But it seemed impossible because at that time Amber Heard had a net worth of around $3 million. This explains Amber’s decision to instead offer a settlement amount of $1 million. 

However, Amber Heard said that her decision to pay a settlement amount is not for seeking concession. Heard announced on Monday that instead of paying the court fine of $15 million, she will be paying $1 million as a settlement. Despite her claims of not asking for concession, Amber did file an appeal to reverse the court’s decision in her favor or to just start a new trial from scratch. While announcing the settlement, Amber said that she has completely lost her faith in the American legal system. She further added that even though her appeal in the court gets accepted, the best outcome would be to have a retrial and that she is not ready to go through all that. The legal team of Johnny Depp accepted the settlement amount while saying that they are formally closing the door to such a painful chapter in Johnny’s life. His legal team said that the settlement amount of $1 million will be donated to multiple charities. This has finally put an end to one of the hottest topics of 2022, with the year-end coming close. Johnny has already won in the people’s court, by winning his fans back.