Donald Trump to enter into 2024 Presidential election

Former US President, Donald Trump is planning to enter into the Presidential election set to be conducted in 2024. During his Save America rally in Vandalia, Ohio, Trump announced that, on November 15th, he will be making a big announcement at his resort in Palm Beach Florida, Mar-a-Lago. Based on the recent developments and Trump’s public and political interactions, it is almost certain that Trump will be announcing the launch of his presidential campaign for the 2024 Presidential elections. Many sources said that Trump was tempted to announce his presidential campaign at Monday’s Ohio rally, but was suggested by the party leaders to wait till the US midterm elections.  The Save America rally in Vandalia, Ohio was an important event for ex-president Donald Trump and his political career. He was recently seen during the pre-election rally in Latrobe, Pennsylvania which was being conducted in support of Republican candidates. The constant signals from Trump had the Republican party on their toes as many were hinting at Trump announcing his Presidential campaign at the Save America rally, a day before the US midterm elections. The Washington Post had made a reveal which stated that Trump had threatened the Republican party to turn the midterm elections upside down for them with an announcement for his 2024 presidential campaign on Monday evening. But it seems that Trump has relieved the party as he stated at the end of his speech at the Save America rally about announcing on Nov 15, 2022. Trump Said during his speech that he does not want to devalue the importance of tomorrow for the party.  Ex-president of the US, Donald Trump has launched the Save America campaign through a website which is named after himself. Following the same vision, Trump arranged the Save America rally in Ohio on November 7, Monday evening. During this rally, Trump gave a 90-minute speech, where he talked about several topics while majorly focusing on how the Democrats are negatively affecting the country. He also talked about judges who ruled against him and his family, and the current President, Joe Biden. The 90-minute speech barely included any remarks for the Republican candidates. Despite this, many Republican party members were invited on stage to share brief moments with Donald Trump. The audience at the Save America Rally appeared to be in full support of Donald Trump. This was seen when Mike DeWine, the Governor of Ohio from the Republican party joined Trump on the stage. As DeWine came up on the stage, the audience heavily booed him as he was one of the Republicans to not endorse the MAGA movement. The MAGA movement was initiated by Trump after his loss in the 2020’s Presidential election. The movement stood for the belief that Trump was the rightful winner in the 2020 Presidential election.  Trump majorly used the elements which made him successful in the 2016 Presidential election. During his speech at the Save America rally, Trump majorly focused on topics such as immigration in the US, growing crimes, etc., which offered him a win in 2016. Trump even said that the Democrats had allowed nondocumented immigrants to enter the US, which has let them loose to commit violent crimes against US citizens. Trump made sure to get the US politicians and people to eagerly wait for his “big announcement” on November 15.