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Is drinking water before bed healthy?

Many people have a glass of water on their bedside table to quench their morning thirst. But are there any health benefits (or potential downsides) to drinking water right before bed?

The doctor dr. In a recent article from the famous Cleveland Clinic (USA), Jessica Vensel Rundo, specialist in sleep disorders, explains why you have to be careful when and how much water you drink before bed.

Take small sips

It is often recommended not to drink water two hours before going to bed so that you do not have to go to the bathroom again and again at night.

If you need water before you lie down, whether it's because your mouth is dry or you're taking medication at night, a little water is always okay.

“As a general rule, you should drink less than a glass of water in the last two hours before bed. And drink small sips,” advises Dr. Vensel Rundo. This recommendation also applies to other beverages.

Good night's sleep

But why should you stop drinking water right before bed? While it's important to stay hydrated, it's just as important to get a good night's sleep.

A trip to the bathroom at 2am here and there is not uncommon. But if your sleep is regularly interrupted, it might be time to change your nighttime routine.

Going to the bathroom at night disrupts sleep and can prevent you from falling back to sleep and can worsen sleep quality. And this weakens the immune system: "Your immune system is no longer as effective after sleep deprivation", explains Dr. Vensel Rundo.

Health problems caused by constant sleep interruptions

While getting up occasionally to go to the bathroom isn't bad for your health, it's important to note that constant sleep disruptions can lead to a variety of issues.

After all, sleep is linked to everything from our immune system to mental health. Severe sleep deprivation has been shown to be associated with memory loss, infections, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight gain, and cancer.

It's also important to find out if you have any reasons that could lead to frequent urination. If so, you may need to reduce your water intake even earlier before bed.

hydrate the body

Are there any benefits to drinking water before bed? Yes, in moderation, drinking water in the evening can be beneficial. Water is an essential nutrient that keeps your body hydrated, helps eliminate waste, and more.

The liquid also helps regulate your body temperature. If you find yourself in a particularly hot environment or feel particularly hot, it may be helpful to cool your body with water before bed.

A doctor's advice, particularly recommended in the current heat wave: Suck on ice cubes or drink small sips of water before going to bed.

Drink throughout the day

So when should you drink water? If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that you should drink water regularly throughout the day, says Dr. Vensel Rundo. This does not mean drinking large amounts of water at once, especially before bed.

Instead, maintain a hydration balance throughout the day by drinking with every meal and after exercise, and getting extra water from fruits and vegetables.

"There isn't necessarily a specific time of day that's optimal for hitting your total fluid intake," says Dr. Vensel Rundo. It is more of a continuous fluid intake throughout the day.

Finally, the doctor advises: If you urinate frequently at night, talk to your doctor. (ad)

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