Elon leaves his future as CEO of Twitter on Twitter users to decide

Elon Musk has dropped another shocker in the Twitter community as he posted a poll asking Twitter users to decide his future as Twitter’s CEO. In this poll, Musk asked the public whether he should step down from his role as head of Twitter and that he will be abiding by the results of this poll. Earlier, before posting this poll, Elon had made another post saying that all the major policy changes on Twitter will be done based on the voting through polls while apologizing for sudden policy changes. Musk’s poll regarding his position at Twitter has shocked almost everyone because Musk asking such questions is similar to him admitting that there is something wrong with the way he has been managing the platform. 

Since purchasing Twitter on October 28, Musk has made numerous decisions regarding Twitter’s management and policies. At the start, Musk fired many Twitter executives who shared different visions regarding Twitter. Later Musk fired thousands of employees from Twitter in an attempt to make Twitter efficient and productive. He later disbanded Twitter's board of directors to become the sole head of Twitter. Since then, Elon made many changes to the terms and conditions of using Twitter to propel his vision of freedom of speech and make Twitter the digital town square where everyone can hang out and express their opinions. Musk introduced a new method of verification mark on Twitter which focused on giving verified identity to everyone who will buy a Twitter Blue subscription. Through this, Musk tried to eliminate the bot and spam accounts problem as having a verified account meant that the person in question is indeed an actual person. Through this, Elon also tried to eliminate the trend of differential treatment for celebrities and influencers. As a part of his vision of bringing free speech to everyone, Elon reinstated many Twitter accounts which were banned as a part of censorship before his takeover. This list of accounts getting reinstated included some of the most controversial names such as Donald Trump and Jordan B Peterson. 

Although these changes on the surface looked good and promising for changing the way Twitter is perceived as a social media platform, they came with their problems. Starting with the disbanding of Twitter’s board of directors, which exposed Elon to the public. Now that Elon is the CEO of Twitter, every decision Twitter makes is considered as the decision of Elon, thus affecting his public image and his image as the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. This has largely damaged his net worth and the share value of Tesla, bringing it down to almost half. Twitter Blue subscription brought the issue of impersonation and misleading information. Twitter Blue subscription was launched with the price tag of $8 which offered Twitter accounts a verified tick. Because of such easy-to-have-verified accounts, internet trolls started impersonating celebrities and large companies. This led to companies losing billions of dollars just in a few hours. Because of such instances under his leadership, it seems as if Musk is finally ready to consider the views of the Twitter audience.