Flax seeds as a weight loss aid? –

Flaxseeds may increase satiety and decrease appetite

Flaxseed is said to have many positive health effects – from improving heart health and stabilizing blood sugar to preventing cancer. An ongoing study has now investigated whether flaxseed can also aid weight loss via improved feelings of fullness.

More and more people around the world are overweight and obese. In the search for possible intervention strategies, appetite regulation has also increasingly become the focus of science. Researchers from Tehran University of Medical Sciences have now investigated whether flaxseed could be helpful here.

Effect on the feeling of satiety studied

Numerous studies have been conducted to examine the effect of flaxseed on satiety, but the results are controversial, researchers write in the journal Phytotherapy Research.

Based on a systematic evaluation of existing scientific studies, researchers have now attempted to determine the effect of flaxseed on satiety or feelings of fullness.

13 studies assessed

The research team looked at a total of thirteen studies in their review, but the results were inconsistent and some of them could not find a significant effect of flaxseed on satiety.

However, three studies found a significant reduction in hunger and appetite with flaxseed, and two studies also found a reduction in subsequent food intake.

Potential reduction in appetite and hunger

Although there are only a limited number of studies on the effect of flaxseed on appetite, available scientific research suggests a potential reduction in appetite and hunger, the researchers conclude.

Flax seeds offer many health benefits

However, flaxseeds are not only good for people with weight problems, as they contain many healthy omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, which support digestion and a healthy intestinal flora.

In addition, flaxseeds can be easily incorporated into the diet, although they must be coarsely ground and taken with sufficient water in order to obtain better digestibility. (fp)

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