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Treat inflammatory bowel disease without side effects

Current treatment options for inflammatory bowel disease with drugs often involve side effects such as gastrointestinal problems, anemia, and intestinal complications. Gold could remedy this and allow an effective treatment without unpleasant side effects.

In a new study involving experts from Anhui Medical University in China, very small Au25 nanoclusters were synthesized and their effects on the progression of inflammatory bowel disease were examined. The results are published in the journal “Fundamental Research”.

Au25 nanoparticles scavenge reactive oxygen species

In the past, ultra-small Au25 nanoparticles (gold nanoparticles) have been shown to efficiently scavenge a range of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Therefore, the team attempted to treat inflammatory bowel diseases using these nanoparticles.

What are reactive oxygen species?

ROS are a type of free radical molecule that can build or damage DNA, RNA, and proteins in a cell. In people with inflammatory bowel disease, elevated levels of reactive oxygen species are often found in the gastrointestinal tract, the researchers explain.

Oral administration of Au25 nanoclusters to mice with colitis scavenged reactive oxygen species, increased antioxidant enzymes, and inhibited pro-inflammatory cytokines. According to the team, the administration was not associated with any obvious side effects.

Reduced inflammation in just 24 hours

Such treatment resulted in a reduction of inflammation in the intestinal tract of mice within 24 hours of ingestion. And because the nanoclusters can be administered orally, no invasive procedures were necessary, reports study author Fei Wang.

Reduced costs and improved stability

In addition, according to the expert, nanoclusters offer a whole series of advantages compared to natural enzymes used in conventional treatments, such as lower cost, better stability, mass synthesis and easier storage.

“Storage of the Au25 nanoclusters was not affected by pH, temperature or dissolution medium, and their good physiological stability and resistance to acids meant that they could easily enter the inflamed colon. They also have good biocompatibility and good chemical stability and can eliminate a large number of ROS", explains the doctor in a press release.

According to the expert, Au25 nanoclusters offer a promising strategy in the field of nanomedicine research for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases. These inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) include ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, which can be fatal in severe cases, the team reports.

No cure available for inflammatory bowel disease

Since there is no cure for inflammatory bowel disease and the main clinical treatments are drugs such as aminosalicylic acid preparations and corticosteroids, which can cause serious side effects, methods of More effective treatment is urgently needed. (as)

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