Green tea extract improves gut health and lowers blood sugar -

Health Benefits of Taking Green Tea Extract

Taking green tea extract for as little as four weeks lowers blood sugar while improving gut health by reducing inflammation and leaky gut.

A new study by experts from Ohio State University and Pennsylvania State University investigated whether green tea extract could reduce gut inflammation in people with metabolic syndrome. The results are published in the journal Current Developments in Nutrition.

Health benefits of green tea

“There is plenty of evidence that higher consumption of green tea is associated with healthy levels of cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides, but none of this has linked the gut effects of green tea to these health benefits. health," study author Dr. Richard Bruno of Ohio State University said in a press release.

The current research represents the first investigation to analyze whether the health risks associated with metabolic syndrome can be reduced by the anti-inflammatory effects of green tea in the gut.

Participants took green tea extract for 28 days

Researchers analyzed the effects of taking green tea extract (890 mg of catechins) over a 28-day period in 19 healthy participants and 21 people with metabolic syndrome.

The dose of green tea extract consumed corresponded to the amount of five cups of green tea per day. All participants were then asked to take a placebo for an additional 28 days after a full month of not taking any supplements.

The participants followed a diet low in polyphenols during treatment with the green tea extract and also during the subsequent placebo phase. According to the researchers, this ensured that any results were due solely to the effect of green tea.

Effect of green tea on the intestine

The new study found that green tea extract lowers blood sugar (glucose) and reduces gut inflammation and intestinal permeability in healthy people.

Fasting blood sugar lowers thanks to green tea extract

After taking the green tea extract, all participants showed that fasting blood sugar levels were significantly lower compared to values ​​after taking the placebo, the experts report.

Other Beneficial Effects of Green Tea Extract

Additionally, a reduction in pro-inflammatory proteins was detectable in participants' stool samples. By evaluating the sugar level in the urine, it was possible to prove that the so-called intestinal permeability of the small intestine was positively influenced by the consumption of green tea.

Gut permeability (also known as leaky gut) allows gut bacteria and associated toxic compounds to enter the bloodstream, the researchers explain. This process promotes chronic mild inflammation.

"This absorption of intestinal products is believed to be a causative factor in obesity and insulin resistance, which are central to all cardiometabolic diseases," Dr. Bruno said.

The extract can lower blood sugar in healthy people, but also in people with metabolic syndrome, in just one month, with the reduction in blood sugar obtained appearing to be linked to reduced intestinal permeability and reduced blood sugar. intestinal inflammation, the researchers conclude. (as)

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