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Neutralize the HIV virus with antibodies

An Israeli research team has developed a new method that could cure HIV infection and AIDS with just one treatment. The team succeeded in modifying the immune cells in such a way that they could neutralize the HI viruses.

In a recent study, researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel demonstrated that a new method can be used to activate the immune system to fight off HI viruses. The results, recently presented in the famous journal Nature, could lead to a cure for HIV infections.

Curative therapy for AIDS in perspective

There is currently no permanent cure for HIV infection and AIDS. Available therapies aim to keep the virus under control. Nevertheless, the lives of many affected people have improved dramatically over the past two decades thanks to new treatments.

Once fatal, AIDS has become a chronic, lifelong disease. Israeli researchers now want to go further and finally defeat the disease.

The team around Dr. With the results of the current study, Adi Barzel and doctoral student Alessio Nehmad have now laid the foundation for a curative therapy against HIV and AIDS.

"Based on this study, we can expect to be able to produce a drug against AIDS, other infectious diseases and certain types of cancers caused by a virus, such as cervical cancer, cancer of the head and neck and others, in the next few years." , confirms Dr. barcel.

The method causes the immune system to produce antibodies against HIV

The team used cutting-edge gene-editing technology to obtain type B white blood cells to stimulate the immune system to produce HIV-neutralizing antibodies.

"We have developed an innovative treatment that can defeat the virus with a single injection and has the potential to improve patients enormously", emphasizes Dr. barcel.

What HI viruses do to the body

B cells, which belong to white blood cells, are responsible for forming antibodies against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens in the body. They are made in the bone marrow and travel to different parts of the body via the blood and the lymphatic system.

The HI virus destroys these white blood cells in the body, which are critically important to the immune system. In this way, viruses weaken the defenses against any infection.

Arms race in the immune system

The scientists involved have now succeeded in modifying type B white blood cells in such a way that they cause the formation of antibodies that neutralize HIV. The modified blood cells could be administered through a single injection.

According to the study leader, as part of the study, B cells were modified in such a way that they divide when they encounter the HI virus. In this way, viruses can be fought more effectively.

However, the insidious side of HI viruses is that they change and can no longer be recognized by antibodies. However, the modified B cells recognize this change and also change to produce suitable antibodies.

"So we have created the first drug capable of evolving in the body and defeating viruses in the arms race," says Dr. Sort. The method has already been successfully tested in mice.

Method based on CRISPR technology

The genetic manipulation of B cells was carried out using so-called CRISPR technology. The technique was derived from bacteria that use a kind of "gene scissors" to find viral sequences and cut them out to eliminate them. (vb)

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