House of the Dragon's co-showrunner exit from the show

House of the Dragon, the latest addition to HBO's Game of Thrones Saga, witnessed a crucial setback as the co-showrunner, Miguel Sapochnik announced his exit from the show. Miguel Sapochnik was the showrunner for the House of the Dragon, alongside Ryan Condal. On Aug 31, 2022, Miguel Sapochnik said that he will not be returning for season two of the show. Currently, the show has aired only two episodes from season one.  House of the Dragon is a fantasy drama series, which is currently airing on HBO. The series is the prequel to the already famous and globally loved show from HBO, Game of Thrones which aired between 2011-2019. Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon are both based on the novels, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. The series, House of the Dragon is based on the Fire and Blood chapter, which is set to happen 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones. The series aired on Aug 21, 2022. The series includes ten episodes, out of which two episodes have already been aired.  After the announcement from Miguel Sapochnik about his departure from the show, HBO announced that Ryan Condal will be the solo showrunner for season two of the House of the Dragon series. HBO also announced that for season 2, Alan Taylor will join the House of the Dragon crew as the producer for season two and also as the director for multiple episodes throughout season two.  In his statement, Miguel Sapochnik said that he is thrilled by the responses he has received from the fans, his team, and his friends to the work he has done on the GOT universe. He also added that, even though the departure from the series was a difficult decision, it was the right decision for his own personal and professional growth. Replying to the addition of Alan Taylor as a producer for season two, Sapochnik said that he is delighted to know that Alan Taylor will be handling the series from now on. Sapochnik added that Alan Taylor is someone who he has respected and admired throughout his career and that he is the right person to handle the series. Although Sapochnik has stepped down from his duty as the show’s co-showrunner, he will be attached to the House of the Dragon as the executive producer.  While addressing the departure of Miguel Sapochnik, HBO stated that Miguel Sapochnik has done incredible work with the series and has helped tremendously while setting up the look and feel of the show while maintaining the essence of the original story by George R. R. Martin. HBO further said that seeing Miguel Sapochnik as the showrunner is not what they had in mind, but having him as the executive producer for the show can unlock new creative possibilities to further improve the show.  Fans of the show have reacted as a mix, having positive and negative reactions. Fans have loved the work of Miguel Sapochnik on the GOT Saga. Because of this many fans are questioning whether season two of the show will follow the similar look and feel as of season one or not. The first two episodes of season one of House of the Dragon already have been seen by over 10 million people across the globe.