Hurricane Ian wrecks havoc in Florida

Hurricane Ian which has hit the state of Florida is wreaking havoc in the state, leaving thousands of people stranded in flood. Hurricane Ian has caused many deaths in Florida, where the death toll is still uncertain to announce. Many environmentalists have admitted that this could be the deadliest hurricane in Florida’s history. Hurricane Ian has caused situations of floods, landslides, and power outages across the state of Florida, leaving thousands of people stranded at their locations. A search and rescue operation is underway throughout the state, which has shown a continuous increase in the death tolls.  Hurricane Ian hit the borders of Florida on Wednesday after destroying Cuba. In Cuba, the storm started as a tropical storm, which left the country before it intensified. The National Hurricane Center soon warned the Florida state and the people to brace themselves for the impact, where the agency addressed the possibility of massive floods, landslides, and power outage situations. On Wednesday, Hurricane Ian hit the coast of Florida as a Category 4 storm. A storm is categorized based on the Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Scale, where Category 4 is the second highest scale for a storm, after Category 5. A Category 4 storm can have a maximum velocity of 156 mph or 251 km/h. As the storm hit Florida, it caused massive flooding across many regions of the state. The flooding situation submerged the electricity lines underwater, leaving around 2.7 million people in a power outage. The US coastal state has been working actively to get the people stranded, to safer locations. President Joe Biden said that Hurricane Ian may be responsible for a significant number of deaths across the state, which could make it the deadliest hurricane for the state. The scenes in Florida are devastating to watch as the people are trying to stay above the jammed water, to save their lives. Fallen trees, submerged power lines, flowing vehicles, broken landscapes, etc. are evidence of the wreckage that Hurricane Ian has caused. People are standing over their rooftops as their houses are submerged, in a search for help from the authorities and the rescue teams. The ration people had gathered for the emergency seemed to be washed off in the food. People living in the remote locations of the state moved to the nearest safe locations such as schools, monasteries, or other buildings for shelter. Communities have come together to help each other in such tough times, as many public buildings have been converted to emergency shelters. Many islands near the coast of Florida have disappeared as Hurricane Ian has caused water blockage that is around 12 feet deep in many areas. The governor of Florida, DeSantis, said that the Lee and Charlotte counties are some of the most badly affected areas by the storm. As of now, the state is estimated to have around 17 deaths due to Hurricane Ian. However, Governor Ron DeSantis notified that the authorities are surely expecting to have casualties due to Hurricane Ian, but this is too early to start casting estimations. The has now withered as it has transformed into a Category 1 storm, as it is moving close to South Carolina.