In spite of the scorching weather, Scotland celebrates a white Christmas

Following the accumulation of snow in the Highlands of Scotland, the Met Office has officially confirmed that a white Christmas occurred.

This confirmation comes after the snowfall in Scotland. It was claimed that there was a combination of snow and rain between Tulloch Bridge and Aviemore on Monday afternoon, but temperatures remained moderate in other parts of the country.

Moreover, Braemar, which is located in Aberdeenshire, experienced a moderate amount of snowfall. Also, the Met Office has provisionally confirmed that the minimum temperature on Christmas Day was 12.4 degrees Celsius, which is the highest daily minimum temperature ever recorded.

According to the figures provided by the Met Office, temperatures at Exeter Airport and East Malling, Kent, did not go below 12.4 degrees Celsius.

This result surpassed the previous record of 11.5 degrees Celsius, which was established at Waddon near Croydon in 1983.

As a result of the highest temperature ever recorded at Exeter Airport, which was 13.6 degrees Celsius, the 25th of December was the warmest day since 2016. However, in order to legally declare Christmas Day to be "white," it is necessary to observe a single snowflake inside the twenty-four hour timeframe.

Despite the fact that the bulk of Scotland was hit with precipitation and temperatures ranging from 8 to 9 degrees, some sections of the country saw conditions that were moderate and damp.

It is anticipated that temperatures will drop on Boxing Day, and Scotland has issued a weather warning for Wednesday. Since 1960, over fifty percent of Christmases have been categorised as white.

The year prior was among them. Despite the fact that no snow was observed lying, 9% of weather stations recorded snow falling.

A white Christmas was also proclaimed in 2021, as evidenced by the accumulation of snow in Strathallan, Perthshire, Braemar and Aboyne in Aberdeenshire, and throughout Shetland.

Since 1960, the Met Office reports that there has been only one pervasive covering of snow at 09:00, when over 40% of weather stations in the United Kingdom reported snow on the ground, four times: in 1981, 1995, 2009, and 2010.

"It has been a relatively mild 24 hours throughout parts of the UK," the Met Office posted on its website on Monday morning along with the announcement of the record for the lowest temperature ever recorded on X.

The statement reads, "As of this Christmas, Exeter Airport and East Malling have recorded the highest daily minimum temperatures for Christmas Day in recorded history, with temperatures not falling below 12.4 degrees Celsius."

Boxing Day is forecast to be colder than usual, but there is a chance that several regions could get some winter sun.

A yellow weather warning has been issued by the Met Office for Wednesday, indicating that there will be snow and rain.

The alert covers Aberdeen, Perth, and portions of Edinburgh. In addition, there is a possibility of snowfall in all of the interior regions that are located to the north and south of the central belt.