Kim Jong-Un brings his daughter to weapon march

Kim Jong-Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, was spotted recently with a little girl during the latest weapon march in the country. It is believed that the girl who was spotted with Kim Jong-Un is his daughter as both seem to share similar physical traits. Kim Jong-Un generally joins the weapon parade from the balcony of his residence. But this time, the balcony was also shared by a little girl who had dressed in a similar way to Kim Jong-Un. Once the pictures of Kim Jong-Un and his daughter were shared over the internet, it was confirmed that she is the second oldest daughter of his who is named, Kim Ju-ae. 

Kim Ju-ae is believed to be around 10 years old. Upon further digging, it was found that this is indeed her fifth public appearance within the past three months. It has sparked many debates claiming she will become the next successor to North Korea’s Supreme Leader. These past five appearances have marked these claims as she has shown a significant change during these three months. But it is still a thing of many years to come as she is still just ten years old and Kim Jong-Un is in his prime. 

Kim Ju-ae was first seen during the launch of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) in November of last year. During this appearance, she was seen in rather lighter clothing while holding Kim Jong-un’s hand. The image was rather warm, which indeed portrayed Kim as a caring father, while also solidifying the control of his family over North Korea. Including his daughter in Public appearances suggests that Kim Jong-Un wants to make her his successor, or at least to show that only someone from his family will be his successor for the position of Supreme Leader. Her other appearances showed her in composed get up the whole setting in between her parents. Each picture of her showed her at the center along with her parents and surrounded by the top military officials, hinting at her position amongst them. But with each appearance, her stature became more firm, matching her father. 

Her latest appearance at the weapon parade showed her in matching clothing to that of her father. The pronouns used with her name also changed with each appearance. During her first appearance, she was announced as the beloved daughter of Kim Jong-Un. In later appearances, she was introduced as the respected daughter of Kim Jong-Un. And in her latest appearance, she was announced as the respected comrade of Kim Jong-Un. Within just five public appearances, her stature grew up to become a respected comrade. The world is aware of the situation of leadership in Korea. For the past decades, Kim Jong-un’s family has been ruling over North Korea. His father, Kim Jong-il, was the second Supreme Leader of the country, then inherited the position from Kim Jong-Un in 2011. Since 2011, Kim Jong-Un has been leading the country as the Supreme leader. Thus portraying his daughter in front of the world, indeed suggests his intention to lay the foundation for his children to take over after his retirement.