King Charles pays tribute to his mother, Queen Elizabeth

King Charles III paid tribute to his late mother, Queen Elizabeth in his speech delivered on Christmas Eve while addressing the UK citizens and the Commonwealth nations. This was the first Christmas broadcast from King Charles after becoming the Monarch of the UK. This speech was given by King Charles from St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, the same location where Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip were buried. King Charles conveyed his gratitude to the public who supported and poured their love into Queen Elizabeth during her life. He said that he is thankful for all the letters and messages which people of the UK sent to him and his wife after Queen Elizabeth died in September, expressing their love and sympathy towards the royal family. He further said that Christmas is a time of sadness for people who have lost their loved ones as we feel their absence the most during this time. 

King Charles became the Monarch in September after the death of Queen Elizabeth who died on September 8, 2022. After becoming the King, King Charles accepted the royal name, King Charles III. Since then, King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla have been managing the royal affairs of the UK. But since being appointed as the Monarch, King Charles has maintained his public exposure at a bare minimum. But on the night of Christmas, King Charles made sure to address the UK citizens and Commonwealth nations, because of his mother’s departure and to spark a sense of joy and hope in his people. Monarch’s addressing their people on Christmas has been a tradition for almost 90 years now, started by King George V in 1932. These moments have showcased the technological developments through which the world has traversed into the modern era. The first address, done by King George V, used the radio broadcasting service to convey the Christmas message from the King. Queen Elizabeth II, who held the throne for 77 years, witnessed the most technological changes, ranging from radio to 3D technology. In 2012, Queen Elizabeth delivered her message in a 3D presentation, creating her name in history to have the most unique delivering the Christmas message. 

Seeing the seriousness of this year, King Charles delivered his message in a video that was pre-recorded and filmed at the location where Queen Elizabeth and Her husband, Prince Philip, were laid to rest. In his speech, King Charles addressed her mother’s favorite Christmas Carol, ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’ which has the lines, ‘in thy dark streets shineth the everlasting light,’ talk about the power of light which brings hope to the people. He said that this power of light, which Queen Elizabeth believed, was her way of having faith in God and her faith in her people and that he shares the same value. He said that these values are the essence of our community and the foundation of our community. The way King Charles addressed his mother and paid a tribute to her, made his message seem heartful.