Liz Truss as the UK's new prime minister

Liz Truss will take an oath today, on Sep 6, 2022, as the UK’s new prime minister, making her the 3rd female prime minister of the UK. She will be replacing Boris Johnson, who resigned as the leader of the Conservative Party in July. Liz Truss, a member of the Conservative Party, defeated the rival Rishi Sunak to become the UK’s next prime minister. Truss is being elected as the prime minister of the UK in a tough time when the country is undergoing a serious financial crisis. After the meeting with the Queen, Truss will be electing her cabinet intending to tackle the financial crisis and bridge the gaps in Britain’s Conservative Party.  Boris Johnson, the ex-prime minister of the country, was forced to resign as the leader of the Conservative Party and the prime minister after news about his scandals. Upon the news highlighting his scandals, several ministers under Boris Johnson’s government resigned, thus leaving no other option for him than to resign. This created the need for appointing a new prime minister of the country, for which Liz Truss, Rishi Sanuk, and Ben Wallace, were the top contenders. Boris Johnson was to continue as the prime minister until the new one was elected.  Liz Truss stated upon the party’s decision to elect her as the new prime minister that she is delighted by the support shown to her by all the members of the party. Truss further continued that she will be taking the necessary steps to tackle the tough times and get the country back to its former glory to shine its true potential.  The oath ceremony will be carried out at Balmoral Castle, the residence of Queen Elizabeth. Boris Johnson will hand out his resignation as the UK’s prime minister. After that Truss will take the oath as the new prime minister of the country. After her speech addressing the country, she will be appointing her cabinet of ministers.  Liz Truss is taking on the role of the prime minister during tough times. Britain is undergoing several crises consecutively, which also has impacted the country’s politics. Truss is the 4th prime minister of the Conservative Party in the last 7 years. The country is on the verge of a recession following a financial crisis. The inflation values are at an all-time high. Because of such situations, the ceremony will be carried out at Balmoral Castle, rather than at Buckingham Palace.  Rishi Sunak, who was the opponent of Liz Truss for the position of prime minister, congratulated Truss on her win. Rishi Sunak further added to his tweet that he is delighted by her win and thanked the members who voted for him. He further suggested that the Conservative Party is one family and that every member should stand alongside the newly appointed leader of the party. In a recent interview before the election, Rishi had stated that if he loses to Truss, he would love to continue as a member of the parliament and serve the country from Richmond, Yorkshire, under the new government.