Locals identify the victim of the Hackney homicide as Lianne Gordon

Lianne Gordon, a woman who was fatally wounded in east London on Tuesday evening, has been identified. In Lower Clapton, Hackney, where she was fatally shot, a 20-year-old male and a 16-year-old boy also received gunshot wounds.

The woman, who is 42 years old, has been praised by her neighbours, who have described her as "very community-oriented" and "liked by the local populace."

The authorities have a strong suspicion that the victims of the shooting were not related to one another, despite the fact that they knew each other. Lianne's family remarked that she had a kind and generous heart in their tribute to her. 

During a news conference that took place at approximately 18:30 GMT, Detective Chief Sergeant James Conway stated that neither the man nor the adolescent were in a severe condition as a result of the incident that took place on Vine Close. In his statement, he claimed that the police were "considering the potential that this is gang-related" while keeping an open mind.

Det Ch Supt Conway stated that neither the victim nor the suspect could be located; however, investigators did discover shell casings. He stated that detectives were examining the possibility of a connection between the two incidents.

At the intersection of Rendlesham Road and Vine Close, there is an eerie silence. Away in this densely inhabited residential area, distant children playing at a nearby school can be heard laughing.

The use of police tape has resulted in the obstruction of a sizeable portion of the roadway. At the time of check-in, the police compel every person who leaves the cordoned-off area to disclose their name and phone number to the authorities.

The number of people who are willing to speak with the media is extremely low, and some of them are obviously still in a state of shock.

A white forensics tent is positioned in the vicinity of the property where the gunshot is believed to have occurred. A woman delivered flowers and a card with the inscription "Such a lovely spirit, departing far too soon."

She was too distraught to participate in an interview, but she informed me that she was acquainted with the murdered woman: "She was beloved by the community," she said, adding that "everyone knew her."

Unidentified Vine Close residents reported hearing Ms. Gordon's daughter sobbing in the aftermath of the gunshot. Ms. Gordon, according to another resident, Shohid Uddin, was "extremely pleasant and talkative" and "would converse with everyone,” she stated. 

The newly elected mayor of Hackney, Caroline Woodley, termed the gunshot a "utterly heartbreaking incident." She stated that Hackney Council and the police were collaborating to assist the family, and that outreach workers would be stationed in the vicinity.

Diane Abbott, member of parliament for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, remarked, "It is abundantly evident that this is a horrifying incident. My thoughts and feelings are with the victim and their family members. "At this time, the complete details are unknown; therefore, it is critical that any witnesses who can assist the police in their investigations come forward."