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Risk of injury from pieces of glass in the mayonnaise

The Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety and a food manufacturer inform of a recall of a salad mayonnaise offered by EDEKA and Marktkauf. Pieces of glass may be present in the affected product. There is a risk of injury when eating.

Jütro GmbH & Co. KG is issuing a recall for the article "EDEKA Bio MY VEGGIE salad mayonnaise" in a 250 milliliter jar with an expiry date of November 14, 2022. The expiry date is printed on the edge of the lid.

Glass pieces found in mayonnaise

"It cannot be ruled out that pieces of glass may be contained in individual glasses of the relevant expiry date," EDEKA warns in a message about the recall on the company's website. Due to the risk of injury, the consumption of mayonnaise is not recommended.

Where was the mayonnaise sold?

The salad mayonnaise affected by the recall was offered throughout Germany, mainly at branches of EDEKA and Marktkauf. According to EDEKA, the goods have already been removed from store shelves. Best before dates other than 14/11/2022 for mayonnaise are not affected by the recall.

Exchange information

Consumers who have already purchased the mayonnaise mentioned above can hand it in at an EDEKA or Marktkauf branch. The purchase price will be refunded there even without presentation of a receipt.

Questions about the recall?

EDEKA customer service will answer questions about the recall by emailing or by calling 0800 333 5211 (Monday to Sunday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.).

Possible dangers of broken glass in food

Various health risks can emanate from pieces of glass in food. Depending on the size, shape and sharpness, puncture or cut wounds may occur on the hands or in the mouth and throat. Damage to the teeth can also not be excluded.

If broken glass is swallowed, there is a risk of internal injury or difficulty breathing. If foreign bodies get stuck in the body, they can trigger inflammatory processes. (vb)

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Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety: Recall of EDEKA Bio MY VEGGIE salad mayonnaise (publication: July 13, 2022), food

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