Minecraft star Dream meets his adoring fans for first time

Dream, a 23-year-old Minecraft star who debuted his face to more than 50 million admirers online on Tuesday, met some of them in person on Friday at Twitch's annual convention in San Diego. Hundreds of his shouting fans lined up to see and take pictures of the online celebrity. The reception seemed to overwhelm Dream, whose true name is Clay and whose last name is unknown. During the pandemic, the Minecraft celebrity saw a spectacular rise to fame. He has perfected the art and sport of playing the best-selling computer game of all time from Microsoft Inc., in which Lego-like characters may build any object or environment using basic bricks, in his films, which often attract more than 20 million views. Dream outruns a group of famous Twitch broadcasters and YouTubers in his most well-liked videos by conjuring up nondescript bricks as answers to problems. Sometimes he modifies the game's coding to produce bizarre and entertaining movies like Minecraft. Still, Gravity Flips Every Minute, or he plays out dramatic scenarios with his pals on his server. I feel like I've done everything there is to do in that game, Dream said to Bloomberg in his first in-person interview. Dream's voice, a Minecraft avatar, and a picture of an unbalanced smiley face are how his followers may identify him online. Dream's obscurity and enormous celebrity were rare in the digital-attention economy, where looks are valued as money. He likens himself to Spider-Man, who might have been anyone behind the mask, and claims that it might have helped more than hurt. As his channel expanded, Dream—who claims he resigned from his job at Apple Inc. with $20,000 saved—spent most of his days at home working on his computer, organizing material, producing films, and playing video games.  He predicted that after getting up and using my computer, I would eat breakfast, return to my computer, bounce into bed, and possibly watch TV or something. He lived that way for three years as he sought success in the competitive content creation market. He gained 12.5 million subscribers in 2020, making him YouTube's highest "breakout" star. Nevertheless, Dream's public persona and his daily activities could not be kept fully apart. Fans were aware of his voice and where he resided—Orlando, Florida. That alone was enough to worry him that someone may recognize him.  He claims that even a 0.0001% possibility is not worth it. I'd prefer to have my moment. Attending the view was the dream moment. He says he wanted to look his best for the occasion, so he hired a makeup artist. In the video "Hi, I'm Dream," he takes off his white smiley-face mask to greet his fans. I'm so nervous talking to a camera for the first time. Both supporters and critics posted live reactions and memes as the video swiftly gained popularity on social media. His disciples were overjoyed. Others who wanted to be a part of the action scrutinized his appearance, from his jawline to his camera angle.  I received numerous texts from my pals asking, "Are you OK?" he stated. In answer, I retorted that well, definitely, when you have 30 million eyes on you, a million, two million people are going to make jokes, be harsh, or not be nice people. When you take it, a portion of that sizable pool will be present. He and other Minecraft superstars were quizzed on a variety of topics at his TwitchCon panel, "Dream & Friends: The Ultimate SMP Reunion," including their favorite vegetable and "Breaking Bad" characters. The 400-seat venue turned away a large number of unhappy fans. People who had waited to get a seat inside carried letters and homemade teddy animals as memorials. The dream was eager to spend time in real life with pals, some of whom he only knew online and had no idea what he looked like, so he decided to expose his face. The internet celebrity has many plans for the future of his life. The majority of his content will still be about video games, but he wants to "incorporate gaming into real life." He laughed and said he might win at Minecraft on an airplane.