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Recall: Allergen in confectionery not labeled

The retail chain TK Maxx informs about the recall of the product "Keats London Vegan Irish Cream Truffles, 65% Dark Chocolate" in the 140 gram pack. This confectionery from the manufacturer Pimlico Confectioners from Great Britain is not labeled as an allergen. A health risk cannot be excluded for certain persons.

The manufacturer Pimlico Confectioners from the United Kingdom recalls the product "Keats London Vegan Irish Cream Truffles, 65% Dark Chocolate" 140g. The confectionery was sold in branches of the TK Maxx chain of stores.

Confectionery contains milk

According to customer information published by the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) on its portal "lebensmittelnning.de", the British company Pimlico Confectioners is recalling the confectionery "Keats London Vegan Irish Cream Truffles , 65% Dark Chocolate" 140g because it contains milk.

This allergen is not clearly identified on the label. This means that it poses a potential health risk to people with milk allergies.

According to information, the now recalled product was sold at TK Maxx stores between March 2022 and May 2022. There is either product code 865730 or product code 865721 on the price tag and receipt.

The best before date (MHD) printed on the product is 11/29/2023 and the batch number is 16673332100. "If you have a milk allergy, please do not eat this truffle," the letter reads.

Customers can return the product to any TK Maxx store and receive a full refund.

Allergy complaints

People with a milk allergy may develop symptoms in the lips, mouth, throat, nose and lower respiratory tract, skin, and eyes after consuming milk or foods containing milk.

The gastrointestinal tract, lungs and cardiovascular system can also be affected, as explained on the Austrian public health portal "Gesundheit.gv.at".

Common reactions include tingling in the mouth, itching and swelling of the mucous membranes along the "swallowing pathway" (lips to anus) and on the skin (hives, delayed onset of eczema), shortness of breath sudden (allergic asthma) and allergic shock. (ad)

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