Prince Harry says his brother William physically attacked him

Prince Harry, the son of King Charles III, the current Monarch of the UK, has said that his elder brother, Prince William physically attacked him. Prince Harry has made this statement in his upcoming book, Spare, which is set to release on Jan 10, 2023. The news was originally reported by the Guardian, which said that they have read the copy of Prince Harry’s upcoming book in advance. According to this news, the argument between Prince William and Prince Harry started over Harry’s wife Megan. The Guardian said that according to Prince Harry’s words, Prince William held Prince Harry’s collar and slammed him down to the floor. However, besides the Guardian, no one involved has made any comments on the incident or has agreed upon these claims being true or false. The Guardian also said that the book states that the event occurred in 2019 at the London Home of the Royal Family. The newspaper said that Prince Harry has explained his brother Prince William was displeased by the fact that he was marrying Megan. Prince William reportedly called Megan rude and difficult. To this, Prince Harry replied that his brother was just repeating the word of the press. These comments by Price Harry made Prince William enraged as he followed Prince Harry and held him by his collar. After that, Prince William slammed Prince Harry on the floor which pushed him onto a dog’s bowl. Upon being slammed onto the dog’s bowl, the bowl broke and its pieces cut into Prince Harry's body. 

These claims have been made by the reporter from the Guardian, who reportedly managed to have a look at Prince Harry’s upcoming book, Spare. Prince Harry has been vocal regarding the dislike of his family members towards him and his wife Megan after their marriage. Last week, during a trailer for an upcoming piece of media, Prince Harry was seen saying that he wants his father and his brother back. Which does confirm the dislike of the Royal family towards Prince Harry and his wife. But the claims of physical argument between Prince Harry and Prince William can only be confirmed when his book will get released on Jan 10, 2023. However, the Guardian has made sure that they are covering what they have found in the copy that they obtained. The reporter who reported the story said that these things have been mentioned by Prince Harry, so he is more liable to comment on these claims than Prince William or anyone else. The Guardian has also not called this event a fight between the two Royals, but just a physical encounter as based on Prince Harry's words, he did confront his brother back for his actions. The Guardian also said that further reading into the story, it seems that Prince William asked Prince Harry to fight back, which Prince Harry denied. Later, the book says that Prince Harry saw a regretful look on Prince William’s face as he left the room. According to the previous news coverings and Prince Harry’s public comments, the Royal family, especially his brother and his father, was not pleased with the idea of him marrying Megan.