Reminder to Netto because of broken glass in corn –

Launch of a recall campaign for corn - risk of injury from broken glass

A recall campaign was launched for a corn sold by Netto due to the risk of glass breakage in the product. Given the risk of internal damage, consumption should be avoided urgently.

The Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) informs of an ongoing recall campaign for "Best Harvest Sun Maize Young and Tender", which was sold exclusively at Netto. Corn may contain broken glass, which can pose significant health risks if ingested.

This corn is hit!

As the Hungarian manufacturer “Fa. EKO Konzervipari Kft. only “Best Harvest Sun Maize Young and Tender (330g can, 285g drained weight)” with an expiration date of August 6, 2025 is affected by the recall. The expiry date is on the lid.

Since it cannot be excluded that the individual cans of the aforementioned article contained broken glass, the corresponding goods were immediately withdrawn from sale and the recall campaign was launched for reasons of preventive consumer protection, according to the announcement from the manufacturer.
A recall campaign is currently launched for this sun corn! (Image:

Sale only at Netto in Lower Saxony and Bremen

Solar maize with the mentioned expiry date was only sold at branches of Netto Marken-Discount in parts of Bremen and Lower Saxony. According to the manufacturer, other expiration dates or other "Best Harvest" products are not affected.

Customers who have already purchased the corn are asked to stop using the product. A request that should be granted urgently in view of the possible health risks of swallowing broken glass.

Health Risks of Ingesting Broken Glass

Shards of glass can cause cuts or punctures in the mouth and throat and there is a risk of internal injury or inflammation if the shards get stuck in the body.

Instead of consumption, it should therefore be returned to the relevant Netto agency. According to the manufacturer, the purchase price will be refunded even without presentation of the receipt. Customer service is also available on 0800 200 0015 (Monday to Saturday, 6am to 10.30pm) if you have any questions about the recall. (fp)

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Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL): Product warning "Best harvest of young and tender sunny maize" (published 08/03/2022),

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