Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, is recuperating from breast cancer surgery

According to a statement sent by her spokesman, the Duchess of York is currently recovering at home with her family after undergoing breast cancer surgery.

Following a routine mammography examination, 63-year-old Sarah Ferguson, who is the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, was informed of the diagnosis. Her spokesman stated, "She was informed she required surgery, which was performed successfully." He went on to say that the medical professionals who are treating her have given her a bright outlook.

According to the spokesperson, she is presently undergoing some of the most advanced medical treatment available and is recovering alongside her family. She started the treatment earlier this week by going to the King Edward VII hospital, which is located in the center of London. King Edward VII hospital is a private infirmary that was formerly used to treat the late Queen Elizabeth II as well as other senior royals. The hospital also treated other senior royals in the past.

It was said that the duchess made her way back to Windsor over the weekend, and that is where she is currently recuperating from her sickness. It is believed that the duchess would elaborate on her medical condition in an interview that will be made public on Monday.

The duchess's spokesman issued a statement in which he expressed the duchess's gratitude to all of the medical personnel who have aided her in recent days. The statement was made public. She was "symptom-free" prior to the screening, and according to her statement, "her experience highlights the importance of regular screening."

The duchess and Prince Andrew separated in 1996 after a marriage that lasted for ten years, yet they continue to be close. They have maintained their residence at Royal Lodge, which is a part of Windsor Great Park and is owned by the Crown Estate. They have two daughters and three grandchildren: Princess Beatrice, 34, and Princess Eugenie, 33.

The duchess has experienced something of a career revival, having successfully reinvented herself as a novelist and now as a podcast host. She has also joyfully endured professional setbacks, such as being barred from attending the Coronation. Her attire has recently grown less stuffy and more inviting, as seen by the fact that she engaged in conversation with fans and posed for selfies while attending the London Book Fair. She stated that Diana told her that she is familiar with being abandoned in a room's corner.

She stated that Diana informed her she is accustomed to being abandoned in the corner of a room.
And the duchess told the sources that she understands the feeling of people not wanting to speak with you because 'Bad Fergie' sells headlines and they have rendered their verdict while you are left alone.

According to a study that was conducted earlier this year and published in the British Medical Journal, the majority of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer at an early stage are now surviving the disease. Chemotherapy, radiation, and endocrine therapy are three types of treatment that can help reduce the risk of death in the long term for patients who have breast cancer that has returned after surgery.