Storm Nalgae causes devastation in southern Philippines

Storm Nalgae has reached the southern border of the Philippines and is causing devastation in nearby areas. According to recent reports, so far, officials have been able to confirm 31 deaths in the region. Tropical storm Nalgae has caused heavy floods, rain, and landslides in the southern Philippines, completely disrupting life in the country. The storm affected the areas nearby Cotabato, one of the most populated cities on Mindanao island. Due to the floods caused by the storm, uprooted trees, mud, and other debris flowed through the region with a population of over 300,000 people. Naguib Sinarimbo, the civil defense chief of the Philippine government, stated that the floods and the flowing debris hit many people in the region as a surprise, mainly because the floodwater rose suddenly. He further stated that the floodwater started to enter houses early in the morning, during the dawn period. This gives very little time for the citizens to face the situation. He was the one to confirm that the death toll has now risen to 31 from the previously confirmed number of 13 deaths. According to the statement given by Sinarimbo, around 16 bodies were recovered from Datu Odin Sinsuat, five from Upi town, and 10 from Datu Blah Sinsuat. Along with this, many people who were stuck on their rooftops and at unsafe locations have been rescued by the rescue crew. Remar Pablo, a local filmmaker who was shooting in Upi Town, reported that the floodwater suddenly hit the location where he was filming at midnight. This forced his team and the members of the audience to retreat and look for shelter. The footage recorded by Remar Pablo showed many cars on the street sitting half-submerged in the floodwater. Remar Pablo and his team were stuck inside and had to make their way through the floodwater to get to their residence. In many areas, the floodwater level has declined. But in Cotabato City, the floodwater is still logged and Sinarimbo has stated that if the rain continues, the level of floodwater will rise even more. Tropical storm Nalgae had a wind velocity of 47 miles or 75 km per hour, which led to the cancellations of several flights. Typhoons are not new to the Philippines as the region experiences over 20 typhoons on average. These typhoons cause landslides and floods regularly in the region. Similarly, storm Nalgae also caused floods and landslides in the southern Philippines. Due to these conditions, transportation across the region was disrupted. Schools, colleges, and other institutions have been shut down due to the clogged water and the continued rain. As the region is still under storm alert, the officials have warned people to stay at high and safe locations. People who are stuck in Cotabato and nearby areas are being extracted by the emergency rescue teams. Authorities have issued an army team to assist the rescue teams and get the people stuck in Cotabato and nearby areas. So far, the weather agency in the Philippines has stated that the storm will intensify even more while passing from above the Philippines sea.