Syrians await help amid political dispute

When the Turkish rescue teams are working with full efforts to rescue their people stuck under the rubble caused by the earthquake, Syrians are still waiting for basic help. The Syrian population has been struggling for over a decade because of the country's ongoing civil war. But these political issues are keeping the rescue teams away from Syrian people who are in dire need of shelter and food after being stranded in the open due to the earthquake. Turkey and Syria both suffered from an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 on the previous Monday. But when on the Turkish side, the rescue teams are building emergency shelters, saving lives of people stuck under the rubble, and clearing the destruction caused by the earthquake, the north-west side of Syria has nothing going on. 

According to the ground reports in Syria, the country has indeed suffered from just as devastating a blow as its neighboring nation Turkey. There were many new homes constructed near the Syrian border. But as the earthquake struck the region hundreds of homes were destroyed, leaving the people living out in the open, in cold. The collapsed homes created rubble across the region, trapping children and elderly people. Many lost their parents, many lost children. The rescue team, the Syrian Civil Defence Force, which is funded by the British government, lacks the modern equipment that is required to clear the rubble quickly. The members of the rescue team did everything they could with the help of basic equipment. The local team was limited by the lack of modern equipment, which further increased the death toll in Syria. But those who survived the earthquake do not have any facilities to ensure their further survival. As stated by the locals, they lost their home, their relatives, and their families, but those who survived are now left with no emergency tents, no emergency aids, or any such help. 

Turkey has already reported that the death count in the country has crossed the thirty-thousand mark. According to the warning issued by the World Health Organization, survivors stranded in the cold had an extremely high threat to their lives because of harsh temperatures and lack of shelter. The United Nations also said the same thing as the organization lent hand to the Turkish and Syrian populations during this natural disaster. The members of the Syrian Civil Defence Force expressed their helplessness in front of the world. They said despite their trying their best to locate the survivors, the lack of modern equipment left them helpless. The rescue teams stopped looking for survivors 120 hours after the disaster, as by then, the chances of finding alive people were almost none. Because of Syria’s ongoing border conflicts or civil war, the international community was also not able to assist the local rescue teams. But the locals believe that the international community just ignored the Syrian people. One of the members of the rescue teams said that they called for help during the first few hours of the disaster, but nobody listened. As of now, only a few Spanish doctors have managed to reach the affected region of Syria.