Tim Cook: Still not enough women in technology

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, said in an interview that there are still not enough women working in technology-based companies, including Apple. He also stated that there are no good excuses that define the lack of women in the technology sector. Apple just recently launched an Apple's founder program that is expected to assist female entrepreneurs and app developers who are operating in the UK. In an exclusive interview held for this event with Tim Cook, he announced the launch of this program, while addressing Apple’s objectives. Apple is one of the largest companies in the world, and also the largest technology company in the world. Apple is also one of the most diverse companies when it comes to employees. Apple has employees of different nationalities, different ethnicities, and different cultural beliefs. The company thinks that having diversity in employees exposes them to a better thinking approach, which helps them to come up with many innovative ideas, which has helped Apple to reach the position where it is standing today. In 2021, Apple appointed 47% more females than in 2020 for the various open leadership roles across the world. Around 34% of the R&D leadership roles were filled by women in 2021. In terms of ethnicity, around 59% of roles in open leadership were filled by the underrepresented communities across the US. Around 38% of the R&D leadership roles were filled by the underrepresented communities across the US. Apple currently has over 165,000 employees working across the world. Apple believes that even a single percentage of improvement for the underrepresented communities can uplift them for the betterment of their future. Similarly, increasing the number of women in the technology sector can further empower women. Since 2014, Apple has increased its number of female employees by almost 67%. This has assisted in women's empowerment through the opportunities in open retail leadership roles across the globe. Following the same vision, Apple’s founder program is supposed to help female entrepreneurs and women working in the technology sector find new opportunities and work with Apple, one of the largest technology companies in the world. Tim Cook addressed the very small number of women who are currently working in the technology sector or own technology-based startups. He also said that there are no possible excuses that can be given to justify this situation. Tim Cook also addressed the trend of the metaverse and augmented reality. He said that according to him and many leading technology companies, the metaverse is the next big thing. Metaverse has the key factors that are needed to take society to the next big level of technology. Because of this, many companies are starting to work on their take on the metaverse. The biggest example of this trend is Meta, previously known as Facebook. Facebook renamed its business Meta to showcase its priority to the world. Many startups are also entering into the metaverse and technologies based on augmented reality. Tim Cook stated that he is looking forward to seeing female entrepreneurs working in this field and more to expand their presence in the technology sector.