Trans treatments, drag shows and pronoun use limited in Florida by DeSantis

The Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, has signed bills restricting the use of pronouns in classrooms and prohibiting minors from receiving transgender medical treatment or attending drag shows.

According to the law, public restrooms and changing rooms must also be separated "based on biological sex." He stated that the laws would make the state a "sanity haven." The measures were described as "mean-spirited" by critics.

It is widely believed that the Republican governor will make a run for president in 2024. Hundreds of comparable LGBT-related regulations have been proposed in conservative-led states across the United States. However, Mr. DeSantis' chances as a presidential candidate have shifted the spotlight to the Sunshine State.

It is widely anticipated that he will announce his candidacy as early as next week. Mr. DeSantis stated, as he signed the five measures on Wednesday at the evangelical Cambridge Christian School in Tampa, that we must allow our children to be children.

The legislation prohibits transgender minors from receiving puberty-blocking medications or hormone therapy. While the legislation is known as the "Let Kids Be Kids" package, one of the laws imposes new restrictions on transgender individuals seeking medical treatment.

Patients in this category are now required to obtain written consent on a form adopted by two oversight committees whose members are appointed by the governor. Another law prohibits school personnel from revealing or inquiring about students' preferred pronouns.

Additionally, the governor signed a bill mandating the exclusive use of men's and women's restrooms and locker rooms in all public facilities, including schools and prisons.
Another law, titled Protecting Children's Innocence, gives the state the authority to revoke businesses' licenses if they permit children to attend adult live performances, such as drag shows.

Major medical associations support transgender medical treatments as appropriate and even life-saving care for individuals diagnosed with gender dysphoria. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) stated that the Florida legislation would "chill the medical community by introducing politics into healthcare."

However, numerous conservatives and detransitioners (those who halt or attempt to reverse a gender transition) have spoken out against the prevailing medical consensus, labeling such procedures as child abuse or chemical castration. The Florida legislation was attacked by Democrats.

Every other parent has the right to nurture their child as they see fit, so long as their child is not homosexual, transgender, or bisexual. This was mentioned by Shevrin Jones, Democratic state Senator, who is gay to sources. He said that this may be freedom for some parents, but not for all. 

As governor, Mr. DeSantis has signed legislation banning the teaching of gender identity in public schools, limiting abortion access, protecting firearms rights, and railing against "woke indoctrination" in schools.

Former President Donald Trump is currently in the lead in the contest for the Republican nomination for president in 2020, with Mr. DeSantis trailing by more than 36 points, according to the Real Clear Politics average of public opinion polls. The victor will challenge Democratic President Joe Biden in the November 2024 election.