Tropical Storm Ian turns into a life-threatening Category 4 Hurricane

Hurricane Ian has been causing devastation across the Caribbean sea. On Sep 19, 2022, the US National Hurricane Center started tracking an oceanic wave which further intensified to become a tropical storm. The wind first started across the Windward islands which are present in the Caribbean sea. As the storm is moving rapidly through the coasts of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Following the predictions from the National Hurricane Center, the storm intensified rapidly, becoming a Category 4 hurricane within just 72 hours. According to the National Hurricane Center, the storm has its nucleus located near Pinar del Río, Cuba. Ian hit the Cuban borders as a category 3 storm on Tuesday morning. So far, the hurricane has caused several landslides, destroying the transportation in many areas of the country. The storm has affected around 50,000 people who were residing in areas near Pinar del Río, where the storm is centered. Due to the warnings from the US National Hurricane Center, these 50,000 people have moved away from Pinar del Río, to eliminate the occurrence of casualties. Around 6,000 of those people have been moved to the shelter houses made by the Cuban government, thus ensuring their safety. The rest of the people moved to the houses of their relatives, friends, and families. The areas in Western Cuba have been forecasted to have the maximum impact from Hurricane Ian. The state of Florida has also issued a hurricane warning against Hurricane Ian as it is rapidly approaching the state. The city of Tampa was alerted to have the worst impact of the hurricane. Governor Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida state, announced in his press conference on Monday, a state of emergency in all 67 counties across the state. This is supposed to provide the required time for the authorities to forecast further situations. He further added that the storm is expected to bring heavy rainfalls, landslides, flash floods, and storm surges across Florida's gulf coast. He also warned people that the state might experience power outages as the storm hits Florida's gulf coasts, and also suggested that people stock up on the necessary supplies. Governor Ron DeSantis announced a team of around 7,000 National Guards who will be assisting the residents or common public during the storm. The storm started to intensify on Friday of last week. The storm was aggravating near the western coast of Cuba. From there, the US National Hurricane Center forecasted that it will be hitting the coasts of Florida soon. Because of this, the launch of NASA's one of the most ambitious space exploration missions, Artemis-I was terminated and the spacecraft was rolled back. This was the third time that the launch of Artemis-I was delayed. The intensifying weather conditions suggest that the Artemis-I will not be launching this September. Many Naturalists and Environmentalists are calling the increasing number of storms a sign of climate change. Many experts have agreed with this theory that climate change has resulted in such harsh weather conditions. Many have also suggested that this is the start of a major issue.