Twitter is rapidly losing most of its active users

There are far more instances of celebrities ghosting their accounts than the few that have been documented, according to an internal Twitter study obtained by Reuters. As the deadline to complete the $44 billion purchase of Tesla Inc. draws near, the chief executive of Twitter is having trouble retaining its most active users, who are crucial to the company's success. Less than 10% of all monthly users are "heavy tweeters," but they are responsible for 90% of all tweets and 50% of global revenue. According to a researcher at Twitter, the number of heavy tweeters has been in "absolute fall" since the pandemic started. According to the document, a "heavy tweeter" logs onto Twitter six or seven days a week and tweets roughly three to four times each week. The most active English-speaking Twitter users have shown a shift in interest over the past two years, which may deter marketers from using the network. The subjects that interest English-speaking heavy users the most include cryptocurrency and "not safe for work" (NSFW) content, which provides for nudity and pornography. Those consumers' interest in news, sports, and entertainment is also declining. These themes are the most appealing to advertisers, which has helped Twitter cement its reputation as the world's "digital town square," as Musk famously put it. Twitter chose not to disclose how many of its tweets are in English or how much money it receives from English-speaking users. However, Twitter's business depends on demography. According to the platform's investor letter, the United States accounted for more of the platform's ad revenue in the fourth quarter than all other markets combined. The majority of ads in the US are probably directed at English-speaking users, according to Insider Intelligence analyst Jasmine Enberg. According to the accounts they followed, Twitter's study looked at how many users were frequent heavy tweeters in English and how that number had changed over the previous two years. To better understand the reduction in the company's most active users, Twitter was driven to look into "disturbing" user trends that may have been concealed by an overall rise in daily active users, according to the documents. The survey drew no particular conclusions regarding the reasons for the platform's diminishing heavy users. According to a Twitter spokeswoman, we constantly do research on a wide range of trends, which change depending on what's occurring in the globe, on Monday. By Q2 2022, our total audience—which increased further—was 238 million mDAU. According to the study, there are increasingly more heavy users who are interested in NSFW and bitcoin content. According to an additional internal slide presentation seen by Reuters, the business has estimated that adult content makes up 13% of Twitter and is one of the few major social media sites that permits nudity. How the number was calculated was not explained in the presentation. For fear of harming their businesses, advertisers typically avoid controversies or nudity. Due to Twitter accounts that were promoting child pornography, big advertisers like Dyson, PBS Kids, and Forbes discontinued their advertising. Twitter stated in reaction to the September report that it "had zero tolerance for child sexual exploitation" and was devoting additional resources to its efforts to combat such material. The internal documents revealed that interest in cryptocurrency was rising among Twitter's most active English-speaking users and had reached an all-time high by late 2021. Although the survey noted that cryptocurrencies may not be a future development industry, interest in the topic has decreased after the June crypto price fall. Topics that used to make Twitter a popular platform for its millions of users are now declining among the most active English-speaking users. Interest in foreign news and liberal politics peaked with major events such as the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. However, the categories have lost the greatest number of heavy Twitter users and show no indications of a return. Twitter is also losing a "devastating" number of heavy users who are interested in fashion or celebrities like the Kardashians. According to a Twitter researcher, these users are likely migrating to rival platforms such as Meta Platforms Inc's Instagram and ByteDance's TikTok.