UK PM Rishi Sunak to be questioned for his judgment as cabinet minister Gavin Williamson resigns after bullying accusations

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who was elected as the country's Prime Minister on October 25, is already facing troubles related to his leadership. Sunak is set to face the Members of Parliament soon at the Prime Minister's Questions. At this constitutional convention held once a week on Wednesday, Sunak is expected to be questioned for his judgment regarding the resignation of cabinet minister Gavin Williamson after getting accused of bullying. Sunak is being doubted for his judgment towards the event and his leadership skills. Members of Parliament want to know how he handled the situation when he came to know about the details of the accusations against Gavin Williamson.  The cabinet minister, Sir Gavin Williamson was a senior minister and a close friend of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Unfortunately, Gavin Williamson’s resignation was marked to be the first resignation from Sunak’s cabinet. Gavin Williamson was accused of bullying based on the text messages he sent to his co-workers. These accusations against Gavin Williamson are from his time as the defense secretary in Theresa May’s government. Back then, Williamson intimidated a senior civil worker who was servicing the Ministry of Defense. Reportedly, Williamson also told this person to slit their throat and jump out of a window.  This is not the only event where Williamson was accused of bullying and using his powers for intimidating the public. While Williamson was being accused of this event, he was already facing another accusation of bullying, which came from a Conservative MP. Because of these accusations Sir Gavin Williamson finally submitted his resignation. In his resignation letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Williamson stated that the reason behind his resignation is not because he accepts these accusations against him but because the accusations have made it harder for him to focus on his work in the cabinet. Sunak accepted his resignation letter while thanking Williamson for his service to the country and his part in the cabinet.  Wendy Morton, who was the chief whip in October had received many threatening and intimidating texts from Williamson as he complained about not being invited to the Queen’s funeral. In those texts, Williamson accused Ms. Morton of deliberately rigging the tickets for Queen’s funeral, especially for the parliament members to whom then-prime minister Liz Truss, hated. Further adding to the hatred towards Ms. Morton, Williamson threatened her saying that there is a price for everything and she should not push him regarding this. When Rishi Sunak became the PM of the UK, Ex-Conservative Party Chair Jake Berry, told Sunak about Gavin Williamson’s behavior and Ms. Morton’s complaint against him on Oct 24, 2022. Later it was said from Sunak’s side that, although he knew about the differences between Ms. Morton and Williamson, he was aware of the matter which was behind these differences. While addressing the bullying reports filed against Williamson, Sunak said that the language used by Williamson against Ms. Morton is in no way acceptable and the bullying complaint was right. Based on this, it looks like Sunak handled the situation effectively. Although it will be crucial to see him explain his side of the situation at the Prime Minister's Questions.