UK Space Agency visited Virgin Orbits LauncherOne rocket

Officials from the UK Space Agency visited Virgin Orbit's LauncherOne rocket and its transport plane. Cosmic Girl, along with Ministers of Science George Freeman and Jesse Norman to meet the spaceport personnel in charge of the operation. A date has not yet been set, but the launch is still expected to happen "upcoming." Virgin Orbit has already done training for the UK launch and said that it is prepared for the Spaceport Cornwall flight. By 2030, 240 related opportunities and 150 active occupations will be produced by Spaceport Cornwall. Science minister George Freeman said that the very first rocket to ever be launched from British soil here at Spaceport Cornwall will represent an important achievement for our quickly developing commercial satellite and space sectors. This is among our greatest efforts to cut sectors, developing new potential jobs in Cornwall and elsewhere with rising enterprises like Space Forge, Surrey Satellites, Astroscale, Inmarsat, Open Cosmos, and the booming Scottish space cluster. By creating the UK as the top-ranked European launch facility for small satellites, we can concentrate on our current benefits in fields like spacecraft and debris retrieval, in-flight production, release registration, health coverage, and financial services to help create jobs nationwide, increase the economic growth, and draw foreign investment. Transport Technology Minister Jesses Norman said that our nation has one of the most industrialized space fields in the world, and the first commercial space launch from the UK will be a momentous event for both the nation and our transportation industry. The goal, termed "Start Me Up," refers to the Spinning Rocks, a famed British rock group, and will be the first orbital launch from the UK, fulfilling a key goal of the government's National Space Strategy. Additionally, it will mark Virgin Orbit's first launch outside of the United States and Europe.  Ian Annett, Deputy CEO at the UK Space Agency said that in the UK, we are poised to begin a new period of space launch and will accomplish orbiting satellites in 2022. This is a truly wonderful occasion for the UK Space Agency and for everyone who put in such a great effort to make this goal possible. By developing orbital launch facilities in the UK, new funding and opportunities are already being established in Cornwall and other places throughout the country, encouraging a new generation of space specialists in the fields of mathematics, technology, legal, and other subjects. The National Space Strategy of the UK Government explains how the UK will be the first nation in Europe to launch satellites into orbit in 2022. One of the seven space center facilities being constructed in the UK, Launch facility Cornwall, will help spark a flurry of creativity and add numerous new jobs nationwide. The Civil Aviation Authority must grant a license before any launches take place in the United Kingdom. Dan Hart,  CEO of Virgin Orbit said that we feel proud to be a part of this significant project to develop Cornish as the first international spaceport in the United Kingdom. With this project, we establish both massive global space coordination and the corporate space industry. Our industry operates to satisfy the goals of our clients. Virgin Orbit is functional and attempting to secure the last approvals needed to proceed.