Ukraine and Russia disputing over who owns town of Soledar

Soledar is a Ukrainian city that has become a part of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war as two countries are fighting for its control. But all of a sudden, a Russian mercenary group named the Wagner Group, has announced its ownership of the town of Soledar. Ukraine replied to this claim by saying that the Ukrainian army is still holding over Soledar and that the claim of the Wagner Group is indeed completely false. Yevgeniy Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner Group delivered a later opening with the help of Russian media where he claimed that they have circled the Ukrainian army from all sides in the town of Soledar. Yevgeniy Prigozhin later claimed that the units from the Wagner Group had been able to capture the entirety of Soledar. According to his claims, the Wagner Group attacked the town of Soledar on its own without the help of Russian military forces and took control of the entire town of Soledar. However, Hanna Maliar, the Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine, said that the fighting is still going on in the town of Soledar as the Ukrainian soldiers are bravely defending their position in the town. She further stated that even though the Ukrainian soldiers are continuously eliminating the Russian troops that are storming through their defenses, they are not paying any attention to these losses and are still trying to storm through the city.

The reason that the Russian military forces are trying to capture the Soledar town is its position in the Donetsk region. Soledar is a small city in the Donetsk region which is known for its salt mines. Because of its geographical location, Russia is doing its best to capture the town as it will provide the country with a needed strategic advantage to capture nearby areas such as the city of Bakhmut. Although both sides are still disputing over the ownership of the town of Soledar, both countries have agreed on the city being a barren land due to ongoing fighting. Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, said that the town of Soledar has been left with no life as almost every property in Soledar has been damaged during this ongoing war. He addressed Russia’s drive to capture the town as they are not caring for losses incurred during the fight over Soledar. Zelensky stated that this is what madness looks like. Despite these strong actions from the Russian armed forces, the Ukrainian army has managed to hold its ground and maintain the ownership of Soledar. Because of this, Zelensky has praised the sheer resilience of the Ukrainian soldiers. Ukraine is actively tracking down the supply chains of Russian armed forces to increase their troubles. Russian ground forces have tasted defeat several times due to failing to replenish their supply of daily essentials and artillery, because of which they were forced to leave the Ukrainian territory. Ukraine is using the long-range missiles from its arsenal to precisely target the areas which are being used by the Russian army to supply essentials and artillery supplies to their forces in Ukraine. This has allowed Ukraine to actively restrict Russia’s progression into deeper parts of the country. A similar thing has been done in the town of Soledar, which according to Ukrainian officials, is still under the control of Ukraine.