US and Germany set to send tanks to Ukraine

The United States and Germany are expected to send their battle tanks to Ukraine to aid the country in its war against Russia. The announcements have been made by both countries that they will be doing everything in their power to assist Ukraine during the war. But so far, both countries have continuously been denying to provide artillery assistance to Ukraine while citing many reasons. But still, both countries have shown continuous support towards Ukraine during this war, which has helped the country remain tall against Russia. As Russian activities have started to increase across the Ukrainian borders, the US and Germany have finally shown some movements suggesting that the countries are ready to make their promises come true. The US is expected to soon announce the delivery of over 30 of its M1 Abrams tanks and Germany is expected to announce the delivery of over 14 of its Leopard 2 tanks. Ukraine has expressed several times that any help from countries in the form of heavy artillery would put the country and its military forces in a significant position against Russia. Russia on the other hand has reacted to this reveal rather harshly, stating it as another foul way of provoking Russia.

During this week, many reports and official comments have been circulating in the US media which are pointing toward the possibility of an official announcement regarding the delivery of M1 Arban tanks. The postulations regarding the announcement started after comments from one of the allies President Biden. Chris Coons, the US Senator from the Democratic party and close ally of President Biden, said during his recent interview that if the Germans are asking the US to send M1 Arbans first before they send their Leopard 2 tanks, then the US should do so. This is because, even after both countries have made a promise to assist Ukraine during the war, Germany has commented that it will only send its Leopard 2 tanks if the US agrees to send their M1 Abran tanks first. 

Because of this, the comments made by a Democrat senator hold such high importance as it means that the US can anytime announce its decision of sending the M1 Arbans to Ukraine, after which, the Germans will be sending their Leopard 2 tanks. However, even though both countries can make their announcement anytime soon, the date of the actual delivery of tanks in Ukraine cannot be predicted at all. It can take months or even a full year to deliver the tanks to Ukraine because of supply chain disruption and production timeline. The UK was one of the first countries to announce the delivery of tanks. As a part of this announcement, the UK promised Ukraine that it will be sending its Challenger two tanks to aid the country during the battle. But the UK also said that Ukraine will have to wait till 2024 for these German-manufactured tanks because of the production timeline. Only time will tell when and how many tanks will Ukraine receive and whether it will be enough for the country to win the war.