US-China relations under serious jeopardy after Blinken-Wang meet

The relationship between the US and China has come under jeopardy over the recent spying accusations on China. The rising tensions were evident when the representatives from both countries met at the Munich Security Conference. The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi both had a confrontation at the Munich Security Conference. At this conference, Blinken said that the US believes China intentionally sent the weather balloon to spy on sensitive sites in the US. China has continually denied this claim by the US, stating that the country is just overreacting to something of less importance. However, along with this, Antony Blinken also claimed that China is planning on sending artillery support to Russia. 

Blinken told reporters that China is already providing general goods to Russia. Many Chinese companies have been continuously providing non-lethal support to Russia, especially when the western countries have sanctions in place against Russia to discourage the country from war. But as China has been providing such supplies to Russia, it is going to boost the war even longer. But the latest claims of China providing Russia with lethal supplies in the form of ammunition and other military supplies may fuel the war even more, thus disrupting the relations between the US and China. Since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, the US has been actively targeting Russia to discourage the country from attacking Ukraine. As part of this, the US has scrapped financial and goods support that Russia used to get from other European nations. But with China’s stance, Russia still has access to the crucial supplies which the US tried to block. 

Blinken said that if these allegations come out to be true, then China will face some serious repercussions. However, China has completely denied these allegations. The country said that Russia has not made any such requests and the country has no intentions of supplying lethal support to Russia. Xi Jinping, the President of China, is a close friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Their relations are known to the global public as both have shared screens and stages countless times. But when it comes to the Russia-Ukraine war, Jinping has remained neutral and has even asked for peace from Russia and Ukraine. Thus, as of now, China has carried out any actions which would suggest the country assisting Russia. Because of this, the foreign ministry of China said that it will not accept finger-pointing which the US is doing with China.

Blinken made it clear that no matter if the company is private or public, every company in China acts under the Chinese government. Thus if any private company is taking part in any matters, one can simply imply that the Chinese government itself is taking part in those matters. He said if China provides weapons or lethal equipment to Russia, it will pose a serious threat to the relations between the US and China. These relations are already dwindling as the US shot down the Chinese weather balloon and denied sending it back to China.