US Midterm Elections 2022: Democrats win Senate majority, Republicans in worry

Democrats have managed to keep their control over Senate elections, to take some tension away from President Joe Biden. Earlier many had predicted that due to the recent inflations and problems within the country, the Republicans will take control of the US Senate. But due to the critical win in Nevada, the Democrats will be retaining their grip over the US Senate. Nevada Senate, Catherine Cortez Masto defeated the Republican representative, Adam Laxalt to offer a total of 50 seats in the Congress. Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the US, can also vote in to give Democrats a majority over Republicans, making sure that the Democratic Party will have the Senate majority. 

The US midterm elections were crucial for the Biden Administration as republicans were trying their best to regain their control over Congress after Trump’s defeat in 2020. Before the elections, Republicans were being seen as the favorites as Biden was having a hard time handling the inflation issues in the country. Republicans did the best they could to corner the Biden Administration and the Democrats. But the recent developments for the party destroyed their plans to get control of Congress and the stop legislative agenda of President Joe Biden. Many believe that the Republicans lost because of their own problems and not because of the Democrats, which is a massive remark for the Party’s future and its stand in the 2024 Presidential Election. 

Many experts have blamed it on the relationship between Republicans and the ex-president of the US, Donald Trump. Donald Trump has been actively targeting President Joe Biden as Trump is being investigated for Tax fraud, which he believes is due to Biden. Throughout the month of October, Trump made sure to target the Biden Administration and Democrats for acting against him. He has launched his own Save America campaign which targets the Biden government for their supposed wrongdoings against the people of America. Rumors were circulated a week before the day of the election that during his Save America rally, Donal Trump was going to announce the launch of his Presidential Campaign for 2024 Presidential Campaign. But due to the requests from party officials, Trump moved this announcement after the elections, on November 15. Many believed that Trump had threatened the party officials about the possibility of ruining the elections by announcing on the evening before the elections, but chose not to. Trump rallied in support of many Republicans during the Midterm elections.

Experts said that this involvement by Trump and the possibility of his Presidential run ruined the elections for Republicans which they were almost certain to win. A survey conducted after the elections showed significant voters stating that the reason they voted for Democrats was to oppose Trump from becoming the president again. The outcome of the midterm elections shows that the voters rejected the Republican candidates just because they were supported by Trump. With Trump expected to announce his Presidential campaign for the 2024 Presidential Election, the Republican Party is worried about the party’s future.