YouTube to introduce partner program and monetization for YouTube Shorts creators

YouTube in their latest blog post has announced a partnership program for the YouTube Shorts creators to monetize their shorts videos. The Made on YouTube event held by YouTube highlighted many new ideas for the future of YouTube which were focused on uplifting the upcoming creator entrepreneurs. YouTube majorly announced new updates to the partner program, monetization ways for short videos, and an update to the terms and conditions which will let creators monetize their videos which include popular music. YouTube is widely popular globally due to the YouTube Partner Program, which lets the creators create awesome content that they and their audience enjoy while earning a significant amount of money. This has empowered many content creators on the platform who started with nothing but are now extremely successful. Content creators who are part of the YouTube Partner Program generate revenue through advertisements that YouTube runs throughout their videos. A percentage of revenue generated by YouTube through advertising is then shared with that creator as their income from YouTube. Earlier, this program was limited to the creators who make long-format videos, generally longer than eight minutes. This is because long-format videos let YouTube run a significant amount of ads without making it annoying for the viewers. So far, YouTube has distributed around $50 billion to the creators, artists, and media companies present on the platform. But as per the announcement by Amjad Hanif, the Vice President of Creator Products, YouTube, creators of the short videos will also be able to monetize their videos. YouTube launched the YouTube Shorts service in September 2020. This was in response to the growing popularity of short video platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels. Soon after its launch, it became extremely popular and brought many short video creators on the platform. YouTube also updated its algorithm for YouTube Shorts to let the new creators get recognition. Creators who will be part of this newly proposed partner program for YouTube Shorts will be able to monetize their videos by running ads between them. Instead of showing an ad at the start of a video, it will be shown in between the shorts. The Shorts creators will be paid for the number of ads displayed in total during their shorts. Hence, for improving their income on the platform, creators will have to be more strategic while posting their videos to get the maximum audience engagement and to increase the number of Shorts being watched. YouTube also stated that it will be encouraging the creators to follow a multi-format strategy, which includes posting a mix of shorts, long videos, and live streams. A mixture of video formats will allow their channels to be much more diverse and engaging for their viewers and will also improve their monetization. The monetization for the short videos is expected to be launched in 2023. But YouTube has already started testing for the feature. Google’s leaving advertisement business is expected to help the creators generate more revenue than they do on popular platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels. This will help YouTube to acquire a leading position among short video platforms as it does in long video platforms.